Avoid Laying Blame.

So the water bill didn't get paid.  You could get mad and start a fight with your spouse or roommate.  Or, you could let it go, take it in stride and work together to remedy the situation. 

In your workplace and at home you are inevitably tempted to lay the blame on someone for an action or inaction that is unsatisfactory. Laying blame is easy to do and difficult to avoid, especially if you tend to be judgmental.

Don’t say “but”
Here’s one small, simple way to avoid laying blame. Remove the word “but” from your vocabulary and substitute the word “and” Your words will become much more constructive while still getting the message across.

Try checking your own words during the day. Most people are shocked to discover how often they use the word “but” every day.

Over the next week, practice describing reality accurately, without laying blame, at home and in your workplace. Whenever you are about to say “but” replace it with “and.” 

You may struggle with this task; that’s where the learning is – in the struggle. Become good at this and your career will gain momentum. 

Your relationships will improve at work and home.

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